The Journey

The Journey

One of Keith’s great desires was to provide a resource for families, and especially for men going through cancer.  In order to fulfill this wish of his, I have created the book, The Journey – Finish Strong, that chronicles each step and phase that we went through as I wrote online each day. Keith went through 3 different rounds of chemotherapy, RPLND surgery, and stem cell transplant. I created this book in 2010, when we thought the journey was complete, but I have rewritten and updated it to include the final stages of the journey.   It also includes writings from Keith written on the day he found out he only had a few weeks to live.

The book is now available for purchase through Amazon.  I am very uncomfortable with self-promotion, but I know that Keith wanted to make this available, so that’s what I am doing.  I am thankful for the opportunity to publish it.

Click here to purchase the book.

3 thoughts on “The Journey”

  1. Laura Bentley – Hi, My 10 year old daughter is ertanhlled with soul surfer and has become a huge of Bethany and her faith. We have had the opportunity to discuss faith in action and choices that we make.Is there any way to buy a POSTER from the dvd .THE HEART OF A SOUL SURFER???? She has torn down the disney pop star pics on her wall (thank goodness)and wants posters of Bethany!!!! God bless you all richly. Many thx ..Laura and Kayla

  2. Dot Ann Erickson said:

    Lee Ann, How do I buy a copy of this book? I clicked but it did not work.

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